B’nai B’rith International outraged over United Nations Human Rights Council’s anti-Israel obsession

B’nai B’rith International (BBI) condemned the UN Human Right’s Council for its decision to designate Israel as a permanent and separate agenda item.

BBI issued a statement that it “is outraged, but not surprised, at the downward spiral the United Nations Human Rights Council has taken in perpetuating an anti-Israel agenda.”

The council also indefinitely extended the mandate of the special rapporteur, or expert, who focuses on alleged Israeli violations. The extension is in direct contrast to the more than 40 other human rights experts whose mandates are allowed to expire.

BBI President Moishe Smith said, “The Human Rights Council has become hostile terrain for Israel and those who consider Israel to be a beacon of democracy and openness. The only world body meant to protect human rights has again institutionalized a bias against the sole democracy in the Middle East. Despite our disappointment, we are taking the long view and will redouble our efforts to advocate reform at the United Nations to end this bias, for the situation as it stands now is abhorrent.”


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