United States presidential election, 2008: Clinton, Obama, and Iraq

Democratic Party frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will both miss the opening of debate on Iraq in the United States Senate today to give speeches in Iowa.

Hillary Clinton will talk about Iraq. Obama’s speech will discuss defense policy and the economy.

Top White House adviser Karl Rove says he thinks Democratic candidates will want the issue of Iraq “toned down” during the 2008 campaign because, if elected, a Democratic president will be faced with deciding whether to withdraw the troops, allowing the country to descend “into chaos,” or leaving a residual force there, “in which case a large part of your party is angry with you.”

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2 Responses to United States presidential election, 2008: Clinton, Obama, and Iraq

  1. Frank Igwealor says:

    “The single most important judgment that a president or member of Congress can make is the decision to send our troops into harms way,” Obama said.
    Chicago Tribune – July 10, 2007.

    On experience:

    Hillary Clinton does not have the experience to lead the United States at a critical time like this. She lacks the experience to make sound judgment that is required of our commander-in-chief. She failed the test with her vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq.

    I believe that the issue of experience is one of the important issues that must be addressed in the presidential race.

    Obama’s is the experience that counts most; the experience that helps a leader in making the right judgment, like standing up against the Iraqi invasion in 2002, and outlining most of the possible consequences and unfortunately came true.

    George Bush was a two-term Governor of huge Texas but see what he landed us into in Iraq.

    Obama is the most experienced of the Democratic bunch. He has the experience that leads to sound judgment. I bet Obama would have been able to persuade Congress in 2002 to stop George Bush from invading Iraq had he been in the Senate then.

    Hillary has 15 years in Washington, but could not make the right judgment when it mattered most. Her experience is actually bad for America; it has cost us thousands in lives and billions of dollars.

    Who needs the scores of years in Washington that could not make the right judgments in the White House for another 8 years? I don’t; how about you?

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi Frank,

    Check out Newsweek’s cover story about Obama this week- “How Obama is Shaking Up the Campaign.” Newsweek discusses Barack’s thoughts on what it means for America.

    Barack spoke about the Iraq war yesterday at the Des Moines Area Community College’s Urban Campus, telling the audience that being a leader means making good decisions, and leaving politics aside:
    “I opposed this war back in 2002 and when I did, when I did, I was running for the United States Senate. And it was not popular to oppose the war… I knew it wasn’t a politically popular position, but I believed then and I still believe that being a leader means that you’d better do what’s right and leave the politics aside, because there are no do-overs on an issue as important as war. There are no do-overs for the families who bore the burden.”
    That money could have:

    Provided health care for 238,693 adults and 339,808 children
    Equipped equipping 851,323 homes with renewable electricity
    Hired 17,489 elementary school teachers; offering 134,819 scholarships for university students
    Created 113,832 Head Start places for children
    Built 89 new elementary schools
    Hired 12,676 port container inspectors.


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