Hamburg calls for a ban on the totalitarian organization Scientology

Scientology is a dangerous, extremist organization which has declared war on Europe”, said the head of the Scientology Task Force of the Hamburg Interior Authority, Ursula Caberta, considered as an expert on the subject.

She has been observing the totalitarian and neo-fascist movement since 1992 and just presented her new book The Black Book of Scientology this week. Along with Udo Nagel, Hamburg State Interior Minister, Ursula Caberta is demanding a ban on the organization.

Read full story.


Stop Scientology- The Church of Scientology is not a religion but an evil dangerous cult.


8 Responses to Hamburg calls for a ban on the totalitarian organization Scientology

  1. letters says:

    Actually, if you read the Spiegel article, you will notice that the ruling coalition in Berlin which has final say in these matters afaik has rejected calls from Hamburg to ban Scientology. But thanks for the heads up. I might do a little post on my one brush with those whackos.

  2. Leo says:

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  4. Leo says:

    Thanks for responding. If my post is undeleted you’ll see it’s in compliance with HIRAM7 REVIEW guidelines. My only intension is to point out that Germany’s religious intolerance is very reminiscent of the 1930’s. These are different times, but a view of the holocaust timeline will show it started with intolerant bannings and prohibitions.

  5. letters says:

    Do you live in German, Leo? I do. I find your comparison with the current government’s take on Scientology and that of Nazi Germany’s treatment of the Jews to be insulting in the extreme.

  6. Esther says:

    das ist typisch für die menschenverachtende Scientology und ihre Anhänger: die Opfer der Holokaust zu beleidigen, in dem sie unverschämte Vergleiche ziehen. Sie sollen sich schämen auf dieser Weise zu argumentieren. Ich hoffe sehr, dass diese Sekte bald verboten wird.

  7. Leo says:

    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    The differences between the period of the Holocaust and today are obvious to anyone. My comparison is with Germany during the 1930’s, especially the early 30’s. To me, that doesn’t seem unfair. The current discrimination and intolerance is quite blatant. For example:

    # Bannings from four of the major political parties
    # Government employment offices marking an “S” notation next to firms employing Scientologist
    # Requiring foreign firms to declare any affiliation they or their employees have with Scientology
    # The attempted boycott of Window 2000 because one of its components was produced by a firm whose CEO is a Scientologist

    There are many other examples. The only objection I see against the comparison is that this time you think Germany is correct in its discrimination and intolerance. That in my opinion is completely ridiculous, but you have the right to your own opinion.

    Thanks for letting me voice my views and responding with civility.

  8. letters says:

    You’re talking to someone who had done a Scientology course, Leo. I have done a bit of research too on the matter. Guess what I concluded? Same thing the German government has: it’s a scam.

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