U.S.: ‘We have time for diplomacy’ with Iran

In an interview with RFE/RL, U.S. Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said the United States of America has time to “exhaust” diplomatic negotiations with Iran before considering any form of military attack.

Burns told that decisions by international bodies over the next two months will be crucial in determining the best way to press Iran on denuclearization.

“But President [George W.] Bush has been very clear, and many senior members of both parties of the Congress have also been very clear: the United States ultimately has a variety of options, including, of course we’ve never taken the military option off the table, but we certainly prefer and are dedicated to a peaceful diplomatic solution and I think that will be the focus of the international efforts — diplomacy — over the coming months as we try to get the Iranians to accept our offer to negotiate.”

Read full interview.

One Response to U.S.: ‘We have time for diplomacy’ with Iran

  1. It is pleasing to read about the likelihood of diplomacy with Iran. Of late, blogosphere is filled with speculation about the possibility of the exact opposite, a military strike against Iran. This is what one Washington Post reader said, in a comment following the U.S.’s announcement that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (125,000-strong elite military branch) are to be Labeled ‘Terrorist’:

    “Let’s face facts here. Iran and the US are on a collision course in slow motion. War with Iran will happen. Only the timing is undecided. Both societies are preparing for total war. Iran is enforcing internal discipline with the same vigor it had in the days of the revolution, and we are slowly but surely bringing all our ducks into a row as well. The subject of this article is just one more small step. Maybe we will engage the enemy during Bush 43, or during Hillary 44, but we will engage them … Count on it

    In this context, the U.S. Undersecretary of State’s comments are welcomed.

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