Bush, Iraq and Vietnam

U.S. President George W. Bush took on the ghosts of Vietnam in defending his policy to keep a strong troop presence in Iraq. Speaking to a group of U.S. war veterans, Bush warned against the “allure of retreat” from Iraq, saying that massacres and upheaval took place after the U.S. pullout from Vietnam .

An analysis from the McClatchy newspapers says Bush is putting himself in a stronger position when Congress returns next month to address Iraq funding and other related issues. It says “reports of limited military progress in Iraq have stiffened Republicans’ support for Bush’s policy while putting Democrats on the defensive.”

The New York Times blog outlines the mixed press coverage of Bush’s speech. It says sources from the left seized on the Vietnam comparison as a “much better example of why the United States should be getting out of Iraq, not staying there.”

The conservative blogger Hugh Hewitt responded by focusing attention on Bush’s comments that the United States has killed or captured 1,500 terrorists linked to al-Qaeda since January.


One Response to Bush, Iraq and Vietnam

  1. This may prove positive for the administration but it can also turn perilous. Evoking Vietnam reminds Amereicans about the consequences of defeat. Some may interpret this as a President preparing his people for just that kind of announcement. This being the case, the population may well question why the troops are still there. Bear in mind, that of the 58,000 Americans who died in Vietnam, some 25,000 lost their lives after Washington knew that the strategy was flawed.

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