United States presidential election, 2008: Candidates on George W. Bush’s Speech

The candidates responded to President George W. Bush’s speech with new efforts to distinguish their Iraq strategies from their intra-party contenders.

The Democrats mostly echoed statements they made earlier in the week in response to the Petraeus report.

John Edwards ran a video criticizing Bush and his Iraq strategy on MSNBC during the speech.

Bill Richardson criticized the front running Democrats for offering “no timetable for a full withdrawal.”

Senator Joe Biden continues to stress the need for Mine Resistant Vehicles for U.S. soldiers and for a federalist system of government in Iraq.

Senator John McCain and Rudy Giuliani reaffirmed support for Bush’s Iraq strategy on Larry King Live last night. “The goal of the mission in Iraq is to provide safety and security so we can have an ally in Iraq against the Islamic terrorists,” Giuliani said.

Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney both took the opportunity to tie the debate back to Iran. Romney said the United States needs “an assertive and comprehensive strategy to get Iran to back off.”


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