United States presidential election, 2008: Hillary Clinton’s Iran Stance

Senator Hillary Clinton is cosponsoring a binding resolution to stop a possible war in Iran.

The move comes after Hillary Clinton received harsh criticism for her vote last week in favor of a resolution tagging the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.

E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post notes the refusal last week of Clinton, John Edwards and Senator Barack Obama to commit to removing all troops from Iraq by 2013. He writes the decentralization plan of Senator Joe Biden may end up becoming the broader strategy for Iraq under a Democratic administration.

Republican Candidate Representative Duncan Hunter introduced a bill to prohibit federal funding for Columbia University after it hosted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last week.

Fred Thompson said yesterday he remains convinced that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein did have weapons of mass destruction, although U.S. and UN weapons inspectors never found them.


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