South Africa Advertising body deems billboard offensive to Jews

A South African advertising watchdog has ruled that a Jews for Jesus’ billboard was offensive to Orthodox Jews.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled in favor of the Union of Orthodox Synagogues over an advertisement that states that “10 out of 10 Jewish doctors recommend Jesus”.

The ad, part of a Jews for Jesus conversion campaign, appeared in a Johannesburg suburb with a large Jewish population. An individual’s complaint last year was dismissed by the standards authority, but the panel revisited the issue when the Union of Orthodox Synagogues became involved after receiving more than a dozen complaints.

The watchdog rejected an appeal of last week’s ruling by Jews for Jesus, saying it was “indisputable that the advertisement attacks, or is aimed at, the central tenet of the Jewish faith … that Jesus is not the Messiah.” Jews for Jesus said the advertisements were meant to stimulate debate and not to offend.


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