Police raid headquarters of the German neo-Nazi party NPD

Prosecutors in Germany have raided the national headquarters of the extreme-right National Democratic Party (NPD) in Berlin.

Supporters of the NPD, during a march in Berlin, 2005.

Supporters of the NPD, during a march in Berlin, 2005.

According to media reports, the raid was carried out in relation to a case of suspected embezzlement by the party’s treasurer, Erwin Kenna, who has reportedly been arrested.

Meanwhile, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, has called for a fresh attempt to get the NPD banned by the Constitutional Court. Knobloch said that the enemies of democracy should not receive annual state funding of € 1.2 million, referring to a German law that awards funding to all parties that compete in regional or federal elections and obtain a minimum number of votes.

A previous attempt to have the NPD banned in 2004 failed. Knobloch said that society was often “ignorant” regarding “criminal groups disguised a political parties”, such as the NPD. Many NPD leaders repeatedly deny the Holocaust and are linked to neo-Nazi and skinhead groups.

The party is represented in two regional parliaments. Germany’s federal intelligence agency classifies the NPD as a “threat to the constitutional order” because of its platform and philosophy. A ban of the party by the Constitutional Court would allow the seizure of all party assets.

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