Syria develops new missile with Iranian support

Syria has successfully developed a new surface-to-surface missile that would enable it to target with greater accuracy Israeli installations – such as airports, ports and factories – according briefings recently presented to senior ministers.

According to the information, Syria developed the new missile with Iranian support, which is further indication of the tight strategic bonds between the two countries. Much of these strategic ties revolve around military and intelligence cooperation. Israeli defense circles estimate that Damascus and Tehran shared technical know-how that has allowed Syria to upgrade the Iranian-made Zelzal surface-to-surface missile.

The missile has an operational range of approximately 250 kilometers and is capable of carrying an especially large warhead. According to Israeli estimates, Syria has tens of thousands of rockets of this type, as well as smaller-caliber and shorter-range missiles. In addition, they have Scud-C and Scud-D ballistic missiles with ranges of 500-800 kilometers, which can effectively strike every part of Israeli territory.

Source: Haaretz, 08.02.2008.


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