Lebanon 2006: Unfinished War

The lead article in the March edition of MERIA, an Israeli journal of international affairs, examines the ongoing political implications of what it calls the “unfinished” 2006 Israeli war with Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon.

“The Lebanon war of 2006 failed to resolve any of the issues over which it was fought. Ultimately, the war may be understood as a single campaign within a broader Middle Eastern conflict – between pro-Western and democratic states on the one hand, and an alliance of Islamist and Arab nationalist forces on the other. The latter alignment has as one of its strategic goals the eventual demise of the State of Israel. While such a goal may appear delusional, the inconclusive results of the 2006 war did much to confirm the representatives of the latter camp in their belief that they have discovered a method capable of eventually producing a strategic defeat for Israel.”

Read full story.


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