U.S. State Department Report on Anti-Semitism

The U.S. State Department released a new report on anti-Semitism, which focuses on how the demonizing of Israel, often through the use of classical anti-Semitic and Nazi imagery, fuels prejudice against Jews.

The report details anti-Semitic violence and rhetoric from state and non-state actors, the scourge of terrorism focused on Jewish targets, and the pervasive demonization of Israel. It laudably bases its definition of anti-Semitism on the European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia’s (EUMC) working definition, which explains how certain modes of attacking Israel can be anti-Semitic.

The report notes that “anti-Semitism is an adaptive phenomenon and continues to take on new forms” and cites numerous global incidences where this “new anti-Semitism” appears.

An entire chapter is devoted to the UN system and its continued, one-sided, condemnation of Israel. Importantly, the report notes that discrimination against Israel at the UN causes “audiences to associate negative attributes with Jews in general, thus fueling anti-Semitism.”

Download the report, Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism: a Report Provided to the United States Congress.

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