The Iranian Web of Influence in the United States

Dear colleagues,

My new article: “The Iranian regime’s web of influence in the USA” has been published.

Article in FrontPage Magazine

Article in The American Chronicle

This is a VERY IMPORTANT issue regarding the relation between the Mullahs’ lobby and the economic Mafia in Iran.

This issue will be examined with more reports.

Yours sincerely,

Hassan Daioleslam

About the author: Hassan Daioleslam is an independent Iran analyst and writer. He is well published in Farsi and English. He has appeared as an expert guest on the Voice of America-TV as well as in other Persian media. Hassan Daioleslam has three decades of history of political activism and political scholarly analysis.

One Response to The Iranian Web of Influence in the United States

  1. Mr, Hassan,

    I read your article and it exposes that the sanctions count for little with the sly Iranian lobby operating in the U.S. We would like to conduct an 2-mail interview with you on the Iran Nuke issue to add to our understanding of it. This will be also very useful for readers. You can visit our website stopahamdinejad to get the gist of it.


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