UN Scandal: Iran’s Foreign Minister Holds Muslim Prayer in UN Human Rights Council, Condemns ‘Zionist Regime’

Addressing the UN Human Rights Council on March 12, 2008, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mottaki attacks the “Zionist regime” and asks the Muslim ambassadors to say a prayer. In a subsequent debate on women’s rights, Alfred H. Moses, UN Watch Chair, confronts Iran on its policy of beating women who peacefully demonstrate for human rights.

Later, Iranian representative Asadollah Eshragh Jahromi insisted that Tehran “is fully committed to its internationally accepted obligations in the field of human rights, and spares no efforts to promote and protect all human rights for all.”

UN Watch Chair Alfred H. Moses took the floor during a subsequent plenary meeting to expose Iran’s gross violations of international human rights, particularly its policy and practice of beating peaceful women’s rights activists.

See full video and text below.

Interactive Dialogue with Yakin Erturk
UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women
Statement to UN Human Rights Council, March 12, 2008
Delivered by UN Watch Chair Alfred H. Moses

Madame Rapporteur Erturk,

UN Watch thanks you for your report and for your valuable work in addressing violence against women, as well as its causes and consequences.

In Addendum 1 of your report, you described your urgent appeals to Iran (see pages 54-64), concerning its arrests and beatings of women.

You appealed to Iran after its arrest of 31 women in March 2007, whose crime was peacefully demonstrating against the prosecution of fellow women activists. Police officers broke the teeth of Ms. N. J. by banging her head against the door of a police bus. Iran has failed to give you any response.

You also appealed to Iran following the conviction by the Tehran Revolutionary Court of Ms. Delaram Ali, for the crimes of Propaganda against the System and Disturbing Public Order.

What did she do? On June 12, 2006, she peacefully demonstrated for the removal of Iranian laws that discriminate against women. Ms. Declaram Ali was sentenced to ten lashes and jail for more than two years. Iran has failed to respond to your appeal. Its only answer has been silence.

In light of Iranian’s systematic failure to respond to your urgent appeals, what further action will you take to protect Iranian women activists from beatings by their government? Will you make a country visit to Iran?

Finally, when Foreign Minister Mottaki met High Commissioner Arbour during this session, can you tell us whether these crimes were discussed, and if so, did Minister Mottaki agree that Iran would stop abusing women?

Thank you, Mr. President.


2 Responses to UN Scandal: Iran’s Foreign Minister Holds Muslim Prayer in UN Human Rights Council, Condemns ‘Zionist Regime’

  1. Serge says:

    Its still time to stop the muslim from taking over…lets stop being sheeps

  2. mozzy says:

    I don’t see what this has to do with muslims taking over, Serge. It has more to do with fanatics taking over which is in many countries the case, one of which if the US with their fanatic neo-conservatives.
    Let’s move rather against any kind of fanatics rather than blaming religions.

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