United States presidential election, 2008: Wright And Ridiculous

It would be a travesty if Barack Obama’s campaign gets knocked off course because of his former preacher, writes top columnist Sebastian Mallaby in the Washington Post.

“Of all the strange features of this presidential race, the tarnishing of Barack Obama has got to be the most ridiculous. First Obama was accused of anti-religious elitism. Then he was accused of identifying with the underclass anger of his spiritual mentor. Excuse me, but which is it? Am I supposed to believe that Obama is a supercilious elitist or a menacing ghetto radical? Is he contemptuous of religion or too close to a religious leader? Obama’s critics don’t bother to say. Meanwhile, real character issues go relatively unheeded. […] The Obama-Wright “revelations” are really a revelation about our political culture: About its failure to distinguish the important from the trivial and about the inevitability that the race card will eventually be played against a black candidate. If the once formidable Obama campaign is knocked off course by these “revelations” in tomorrow’s primaries, it will be a travesty.”

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One Response to United States presidential election, 2008: Wright And Ridiculous

  1. Dennis Coiteux says:

    After watching a segment on the History Channel the other night about the supposed rise of the Anti-Christ, I can’t help but make comparisons to Obama. He will arise from nowhere. People will be enthralled by his every word. His speeches will captivate
    While essentially saying nothing. He will help to unite peoples of differing beliefs. He will make us feel better by playing to our biggest concerns. People will love and flock to him for no other reason than to adore him. Just a thought. Dennis Coiteux

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