Sudan Genocide Charges

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court says the court will seek an arrest warrant for Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. UN officials say they are concerned the proceedings could hamper peace efforts in Darfur.

“The action by the prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo of Argentina, will mark the first time that the tribunal in The Hague charges a sitting head of state with such crimes, and represents a major step by the court to implicate the highest levels of the Sudanese government for the atrocities in Darfur.

Some U.N. officials raised concerns Thursday that the decision would complicate the peace process in Darfur, possibly triggering a military response by Sudanese forces or proxies against the nearly 10,000 U.N. and African Union peacekeepers located there. At least seven peacekeepers were killed and 22 were injured Tuesday during an ambush by a well-organized and unidentified armed group.”

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2 Responses to Sudan Genocide Charges

  1. Long Live Subsahara Africa says:

    Give praises to the Hague that they only now seek to charge the demon president of Sudan when his genocide campaign has brutally murdered 3,000,000 blacks but it was wrong to kill a few peace keepers and this puppet world feels they have done good for Sudan.

    Actually they might cause worst conditions for black Darfurians if the president is charged and note he might not relinquish himself without a full scale fight or may i say a full scale genocide. These so called Arabs are being fooled by white Arabs that they are Arabs and must cleanse the Sudan of blacks when they in turn will only use them to occupy the land later cleanse the socalled Arabs just like how the white used Indians to locate blacks then enslaved the same Indians.

    It not my opinion but Sudan literally means THE LAND OF THE BLACKS, so how are a minority about 10% ruling Sudan.

    First of all the African Union should not have members of the socalled Middle East such as Egypt, Libya, etc. The African Union should be ssau{Sub-Sahara African Union}. Ethiopia might need to be excluded too, because these arabized blacks are as far as i am concerned acting in arabs interest to cleanse the land of black Africans.

    This was a part of a speech a Sudanese black retold of her experience, i gathered this from a website.{ attackers said, “this land does not belong to black people”, and that as women were being raped, their abusers told them “I am going to give you an Arab baby who will take your land”}.

    They are telling the truth and this race mixing is a form of genocide if not one of the worst forms.the biracial children grow up to hate black people more than other races since they view the black side as a curse and tends to distant themselves from the black and will hate the black race including close family members.
    Take for example in Brazil: they boast that they are a very mixed nation and thus they have no racism there. COMPLETELY WRONG, they failed to explain how the nation became so mixed through being extremely racist. The whites thought the blacks that they were hideous and dumb
    and they needed to get a white partner to escape the curse not to be passed on to their siblings other case of racism in race mixing is that the white slave masters denied the black men of breeding first born children to their wives but that they shall impregnate their wives to remind them for the rest of their lives that the whiteman has the power over you forver and and thus destroying his dignity and self esteem.

    White people have managed to change the degrading status of their albino diseses leprocy skin tone to one of the most desired in this world today. But who give a government the power in most case, the ordinary citizens right.
    So until people come to their senses abouth the grave disadvantages of pale skin this world will always be a white mans paradise.
    Dont stress over the black puppets who bleach their lovely dark ancient Egyptian skin or the blacks who straighten their afro of biblical Moses leave them to be stooges for the whiteman we dont need week persons in our army or we will crumble and suffer defeat like the arab invaders did to our past brothers and sisters in North Africa, just make sure that when they get skin cancer look them in the eye and pity them but with a look that will make them feel so embaraced that they ultimately regret wanting to be white and you slide your palms over dark skin to make them burst out in tears.

    Lots of individuals told me, “the day black people unite the world will end ” and i completely agree. I mean no country cannot survive without poor people much less this world. Imagine the whole of sub sahara africa uniting to form one country, one language, one religion, one black tribe regardless of colour. No wars, no famine, no genocide, no discrimination, no higher caste or lower caste just black kings and queens.

    With the immense minerals and land and brains from nigerians who are said to be the most brilliant groups of persons worldwide, with all qualities and abilities sub sahara africa would well be on track to be a super power by the end of the 21st century only to be envied by other nations around the world but sorry to say easier said than than done especially the current status of black people worldwide.

    All we can do right now is hope for the best of Africa and her children that one day we will return to our former egyptian nubian glory which was stolen from us and from then was all down hill a very steep hill for black people.

  2. Susan C says:

    You really need to know your history. Please tune in or visit our you tube page

    According to the Bible, you are not African! Deuteronomy 28:15,47-48, 68 Joel 3:6 Amos 7:17

    May the Most High be in your heart!

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