United States presidential election, 2008: What the next US President means for Europe

You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else. (Winston Churchill)

In The Guardian,  James Goldgeier and Derek Chollet analyze European response to Barack Obama’s visit and the upcoming U.S. election.

“One of the more unusual aspects of the 2008 US presidential campaign is that Europeans seem to be just as engaged and excited as Americans—and in some cases, even more so. Looking ahead to next year, Europeans believe there’s one thing they can be certain about: things are going to get better.

There’s good reason to expect that whether it is Barack Obama or John McCain in the White House, America’s approach toward many of the most divisive issues in transatlantic relations will shift favourably. The Guantánamo Bay prison will be shuttered, the US will reject torture and a new administration will make a serious effort to combat climate change. Both McCain and Obama have already proven that close relations with Europe will be a high priority. They have taken valuable time away from the campaign trail to visit key European capitals – the first time that the two major party candidates have done so this late in the political season.”

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One Response to United States presidential election, 2008: What the next US President means for Europe

  1. atomcat says:

    Obama brings the New World Order to America.
    Read the story then read the Green Agenda to visit the future.
    November is going to be interesting.
    If you vote for the “Left” It’s rule by the UN.
    If you vote for the “Right” America will be integrated with Mexico and Canada.
    The people of America need to vote for anyone, except Obama or McCain.
    Pick someone and everybody vote for that person.
    Take America Back now or say goodbye to the land of the free.
    The choice is yours America.
    Read the Green Agenda at http://www.windfarms.wordpress.com to find the real meaning of Obama’s words.

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