Atheism and Evil

In an article in the newspaper for religion and culture FIRST THINGS, Michael Novak, author of No One Sees God: The Dark Night of Atheists and Believers, exposes the atheistic fundamentalism, and offers a Judeo-Christian view of good and evil.

“Few atheists seem to be as rigorously honest as Friedrich Nietzsche, who warned that if God is dead, it is wishful thinking to hold that reason alone can confer ‘meaning’ on life. Reason has been outmoded by chance.

There are, of course, ‘secular saints,’ such as the heroic Dr. Rieux whose story Albert Camus tells in The Plague. Many atheists today toil in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, attempting to reduce the suffering that humans endure from dread diseases, auto crashes, horrific storms, and other physical vulnerabilities. Other atheists labor to reduce the pains of the psyche. Thus, not a few atheists practice a form of saintliness.

And yet, as Camus also pointed out, many of these secular saints look very much like those religious saints who have throughout the ages worked to ease suffering, to bring healing and comfort, and to make this world a bit more loving, truthful, just, and sane. What do secular humanists lack but synagogues and churches, he asks, to distinguish them from Jews or Christians?”

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One Response to Atheism and Evil

  1. Samuel Skinner says:

    Wow. Appearently some people still don’t get it.

    I’ll give you a hint. These secular saints have one major difference from their religious counterparts- they know they won’t be rewarded. When they die, there is no reward. In fact there is no advantage to them to do their labors.

    Their purpose is not given from above- they CHOOSE it. For people who harp on free will, you sure don’t understand freedom when it stares you in the face.

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