German police under fire for slow response to anti-Semitic attack

Police in the German village of Oberberg have been strongly criticized for failing to arrive quickly at the scene of an attack by Nazis against a local Jewish boy.

Peter Reinecke, whose son Rafael David was beaten up and abused by a group of Nazis after he had spoken about his Jewishness, called it shocking that police had taken more than an hour to come to the scene of the crime, and had not taken an emergency call seriously because the caller could not describe the exact location of the incident.

Reinecke, who sits on the local County Council in the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), was quoted by the Die Tageszeitung newspaper as asking: “Does one, 70 years after ‘Kristallnacht’ in Oberberg, have to be afraid again because of one’s Jewishness?”

After his son was called ‘Dreckige Judensau’ [dirty Jewish pig] and beaten by the attackers, Reinecke’s daughter had to make several phone calls before police finally arrived at the scene. Peter Reinecke has lodged a disciplinary complaint against the police officers who were in charge.


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