The World of Tomorrow

In The Wall Street Journal, columnist Michael Barone reviews a new bestseller written by John Zogby: The Way We’ll Be.

“John Zogby is the maverick in the political polling fraternity, the guy who admits that he sometimes tweaks the rules and whose numbers are sometimes greeted with skepticism. He is also an original thinker and a perceptive observer of the American scene, especially as it is viewed from the far-outside-the- Beltway precincts of Utica, N.Y., where his Lebanese- immigrant grandfather ran a grocery store for years.

It is the social observer who comes to the fore in Mr. Zogby’s The Way We’ll Be, an attempt to describe, by way of polls, the American state of mind and to imagine what it portends. Along the way, Mr. Zogby sounds several themes. One is that Americans increasingly want variety in their consumer products and entertainment offerings. ‘They want choice, not imposition, and they are demanding to be treated as individuals,’ he writes. ‘Today’s beer drinker and movie watcher and rock music fan can personalize his or her refrigerator or DVD or iPod playlist as never before.”

Read full story.


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