Buildup to the Next War

In the New York Times Magazine, Noah Feldman writes that saber rattling may help achieve political resolution.

Summer is the time for blockbuster movies — and, it seems, for talking up war with Iran. Five years ago, after Baghdad fell so easily, hard-liners were talking about pushing the fight on to Tehran. Two years ago, Israel and Hezbollah fought a proxy war, leading to speculation that their patrons, the United States and Iran respectively, might well find themselves on the battlefield. Last year, Iran was testing missiles, and the Bush administration was taking a tough line about Iran’s move toward nuclear proliferation. This year, with the end of George Bush’s presidency close at hand, speculation is rife that Israel, with tacit or explicit American assistance, might seize the opportunity to bomb Iranian nuclear installations before a new and possibly less sympathetic president takes office.”

Read full story.


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