Seven Years after 9/11: Critical Questions and New Problems

In an editorial that marks the seventh anniversary of the attacks on New York and Washington, the Boston Globe says the Taliban revival in Afghanistan raises critical questions about the Bush administration’s failure to capture Osama bin Laden in 2001.

Columnist Timothy Garton Ash writes in The Guardian that the seven years since 9/11 reveal an old truth, that problems are usually not solved, but just taken over by other problem. He cites the Russian invasion of Georgia as an example.

The Jerusalem Post marks the 9/11 anniversary with an editorial in which it says part of the reason that al-Qaeda has been able to rebuild in the intervening years is that the Bush administration became distracted by Saddam Hussein.

And last but not the least: In the New York Times, columnist Roger Cohen considers the seven years since 9/11 in biblical style. Wherefore the balance of power in the world was altered in grievous ways, and new centers of authority arose, and they were no more persuaded by democracy than was the Pharaoh, he writes.


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