Globalised Economy

In the International Herald Tribune, Paul Kennedy, director of International Security Studies at Yale University, and author of the bestseller The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000, comments on how the consequences of the financial crisis are affecting all parts of an increasingly globalised economy.

“Even the rising Chinese superpower is being blasted by these distant capitalistic convulsions. How could its Finance Ministry, seduced by the advice of Wall Street bankers and consultants to place billions of dollars into American so-called ‘safe havens,’ not be badly shaken by the financial tumults of the past few weeks?

Should China trust the Yankee capitalist system? What will happen to its vital exports to that enormous, volatile consumer market? Already The People’s Daily in Beijing has published a noteworthy piece by the economist Shi Jianxun calling upon the world to create ‘a diversified currency and financial system and (a) fair and just financial order that is not dependent on the United States.’ Where goes the dollar then, and its reputation as a safe haven?”

Read full story.


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