United States presidential election, 2008: Hateful Email Sent to Jewish Voters

Press Release

New York – October 26, 2008 – The American Jewish Committee (AJC) is deeply troubled by a letter emailed to over 75,000 Jews in Pennsylvania. The letter asserted that voting for John McCain instead of Barack Obama is necessary “to stop a second Holocaust.”

“While partisans in elections will occasionally indulge in over-the-top language, the reference to a ‘second Holocaust’ is beyond the pale,” said Jeffrey Sinensky, AJC general counsel.

The email was signed by three leading Jewish Republicans, and paid for by the “Republican Federal Committee of PA – Victory 2008.” It also stated that to vote for Barack Obama would not only be a “tragic mistake,” but would be a replay of “our ancestors ignor[ing] the warning signs in the 1930s and 1940.”

“Rhetoric like this has no place in politics, ever, and we are particularly disturbed that it was targeted to a Jewish audience,” said Sinensky.

A 501(c) (3) organization, The American Jewish Committee (AJC) neither supports nor opposes any candidate for public office.


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