The Anti-Jewish Phenomenon: A Historical Torah Analysis

In Response to Increasing Anti-Semitism
Feldheim Publishers presents

What is the historical significance of hatred towards the Jewish nation? Why have Jews been the target of such great dislike? Can anti-Semitism be explained by logic and reason? In his new book The Anti-Jewish Phenomenon: A Historical Torah Analysis, Rabbi Dr. Benzion Allswang gives clear answers to these and many more perplexing questions.

Using both traditional and non-traditional sources, The Anti-Jewish Phenomenon explores the peculiar recurring history of hostility towards Jews. It emphasizes key factors of the process that most historians and social scientists ignore or overlook.

In his seventeen chapters of careful research and analysis, the author demonstrates the means for combating modern anti-Semitism and shows that clear and optimistic answers do, in fact, exist. Through thorough historical and scientific investigation, he demonstrates that by a return to Jewish tradition, true security, prosperity and the promise of extended peace can, in reality, be achieved.

A crucial instrument for our time, The Anti-Jewish Phenomenon is a classic source every Jew should be familiar with. It is an essential voice for the student of Jewish history, anti-Semitism, and Judaism in general, and promises to be an exciting and unique educational experience.

Click here to order the book.

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