Support the American Jewish Committee

Dear Friend,

Why are we asking you to donate to the American Jewish Committee now?

Because our challenges and responsibilities don’t disappear during times of economic hardship. To the contrary, they only grow. And because our hopes and aspirations for the future speak to our highest values and shouldn’t be put on hold. Your support for AJC elevates our humanity as Jews and protects our interests as Americans, as we face major challenges.

  • Iran seeks nuclear weapons and a world without Israel.
  • Israel continues to be treated unfairly in the UN.
  • Conspiracy theories abound about Jews staying home on 9/11, Lehman Brothers’ partners hoarding billions in Israel, and American Jews controlling US foreign policy.
  • Israel’s enemies work tirelessly to shift American’s attitudes away from traditional pro-Israel support.
  • Young people need compelling reasons and organizations to engage them as Jews.
  • And the world needs strong voices in support of human freedom, human rights and human dignity.

That’s why we’re asking for your support today!

You’ve stood with us in good times and bad. You’ve empowered us. As a result, we’ve had a real impact on events and trends that shape our lives. It’s not by accident that French President Nicolas Sarkozy recently called AJC “the most effective, most influential and most respected of American Jewish organizations.”

We’re counting now, as always, on your friendship and trust.


David A. Harris, Executive Director


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