British Premier Gordon Brown First World Leader to Sign Anti-Semitism Declaration

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown became the first head of government to sign the London Declaration against anti-Semitism, while encouraging other heads of government to add their names to the document.

The London Declaration, adopted on February 19, 2009, called for various practical measures to combat manifestations of anti-Jewish bigotry around the world. The London conference, hosted by the Interparliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism (ICCA), the British Foreign Office and the Department of Communities and Local Government, which brought together more than 120 lawmakers from over 40 countries, devised an effective framework and forged new strategies to confront anti-Semitism on a global scale.

Among its recommendations, the London Declaration calls for the creation of an international task force of Internet experts to develop metrics for online anti-Semitism and policy recommendations for governments to combat it, the establishment of parliamentary inquiries to determine the state of anti-Semitism domestically and to develop policy recommendations, and a commitment to oppose discrimination against Israel in international organizations such as at the U.N.’s Durban II conference.


One Response to British Premier Gordon Brown First World Leader to Sign Anti-Semitism Declaration

  1. Has Prime Minister Gordon Brown taken the lead for Britain to start making amends to their antisemitic history? There are so many fingers to point at Britain’s history against Jews and Israel but we graciously say thank you to Mr. Brown’s initiative and call on others nations’ leaders to join him…maybe they should all ban the U.N. Durban II conference and leave the muslims to talk to themselves…

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