Czech Government Collapse

The Czech government lost a vote of confidence by Czech parliamentarians, prompting the country’s prime minister, Mirek Topolanek, to announce that he will resign, the BBC reports.

The fall of the Czech government raises several questions. The Czech Republic currently serves as president of the European Union. A blog entry from the BBC examines who will run the EU while Prague sorts out its political situation.

Topolanek today said the fall of his government will not affect his country’s ability to preside as EU president.

RFE/RL reports Topolanek’s resignation will also raise questions about U.S. missile defense strategy in Eastern Europe.


One Response to Czech Government Collapse

  1. Dave Sears says:

    Lets not think the guy might have his reasons. Some months ago i read about depression in USA and the answer being print more money.. this backfired and changed the recession to a depression. Printing more money is easy, just like copies of letters on your printer. Let’s also remember GWB’s dad was pushing for an international currency to replace the dollar (USD). There is a lot of “money” out there not accounted for, which comes back to Mexico drug cartels. I’m an American, work in Ukraine and Eastern European mentality is different, but you should listen, they are just as bright.

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