Prospects for U.S.-Russian Security Cooperation

U.S.-Russian relations seem to be at an impasse. However, given these nations’ power, standing, and nuclear capability, dialogue will be resumed at some point.

An analysis of the prospects for and conditions favoring cooperation is an urgent task – crucial precisely because current relations are so difficult.

A new report edited by Dr. Stephen J. Blank, professor of National Security Affairs at the U.S. Army War College, offers both a tribute to a vision of political order based upon prior cooperation and a call to revitalize the relationship.

“Russia, despite claims made for and against its importance, remains, by any objective standard, a key player in world affairs. It possesses this standing by virtue of its geographical location, Eurasia, its proximity to multiple centers of international tension and rivalry, its possession of a large conventional and nuclear force, its energy assets, and its seat on the UN Security Council. Beyond those attributes, it is an important barometer of trends in world politics, e.g., the course of democratization in the world. Furthermore, if Russia were so disposed, it could be the abettor and/or supporter of a host of negative trends in the world today. Indeed, some American elites might argue that it already is doing so.”

Read full story.


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