How Obama’s America Might Threaten Israel

Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East is very distressing: several coldness to Israeli diplomats by the Obama administration already; the appointment of senior officials who hate Israel (e.g. Chas Freeman); repeated expressions of hostility to the elected Likud government of Israel; considerable favouring to Arab tyrants and anti-American autocrats around the world; pressure on Israel not to pre-empt Iran; re-naming the war on terror “overseas contingency operations” against “man made disasters;“ budget cutting on missile defense and other projects.

Commentary magazine has a new, powerful piece by lifetime pro-Israel American writer Norman Podhoretz, entitled How Obama’s America Might Threaten Israel, raising many of these concerns.

“Is there a threat to Israel from the United States under Barack Obama? The question itself seems perverse. For in spite of the hostility to Israel in certain American quarters, this country has more often than not been the beleaguered Jewish state’s only friend in the face of threats coming from others. Nor has the young Obama administration been any less fervent than its last two predecessors in declaring an undying commitment to the security and survival of Israel.”

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One Response to How Obama’s America Might Threaten Israel

  1. Donna Halper says:

    You nice folks are accepting as factual a lot of right-wing Republican talking points, including those of Mr Podhoretz, who is by his own admission, a conservative Republican who seems to really dislike the president on highly partisan grounds.
    Obama has never referred to terrorism as “man-made disasters” for example, he uses the word “terrorism” repeatedly (and I have the quotes to prove it), and his cabinet is NOT filled with people who hate Israel.
    I understand that you object to him because he hasn’t reflexively supported everything Israeli hardliners want. But please do not mis-represent him by relying on ultra-conservative misquotes, misconceptions, and propaganda.
    I am very puzzled by why you would print such distortions. I don’t agree with everything Obama says and does, but I have NO evidence he is anti-Israel, contrary to what your friendly Republican sources are telling you.

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