Autonomy, Responsibility, and Health Care. Critical Reflections

We come across an era of strong and even more unusual individual claims, while the solution to often conflicting demands becomes increasingly elusive and parochial. One of the most intriguing philosophical questions is how to link human responsibility to those consequences of action which no one can fully foresee but, nevertheless, which no one can afford to neglect. Many biotechnological challenges are of this nature.

This book edited by Bogdan Olaru and published at Zeta Books is meant to give some insights in the mutual justification which ought to regulate the space between autonomy and responsibility by taking up a stance on some dilemmatic issues in the medical field.

Table of Contents

Regine Kather, Autonomy: as Self-determination against, or as Self-transcendence to Others? Anthropological Reflections on the Background of Bioethics

Silke Schicktanz, Why the Way we Consider the Body Matters: Reflections on four Bioethical Perspectives on the Human Body

Karl-Wilhelm Merks, Autonomie als Selbstbestimmung und Fürsorge: aufgezeigt am Beispiel der Sterbehilfe

Volker Lipp, Autonomie und Fürsorge. Die Perspektive des Rechts

Nicolae Morar, The Limits of Discourse Ethics Concerning the Responsibility toward Nature, Nonhuman Animals, and Future Generations

Bogdan Olaru, Toward an Ethics of Species. Is there a Responsibility to Preserve the Integrity of (Human) Species?

Eugen Huzum, The Principle of Responsibility for Illness and its Application in the Allocation of Health Care: A Critical Analysis

Download the book for free.


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