Abu Ghraib: U.S. criticizes British press over report of abuse photos

Five years after photos initially surfaced of prisoner abuse at the Abu Ghraib detention center in Iraq, the photos taken at the camp are again at issue after a former U.S. army major general alleged to the British paper the Telegraph that additional, unreleased photos show U.S. soldiers raping inmates.

Here is the Telegraph article.

The White House press secretary said the story got many details wrong. So too did the Pentagon.

President Barack Obama has reversed his initial position that he would release all remaining photos, saying that the photos are graphic and would put U.S. and British troops in danger.

Editor of The Paris Review and former staff writer of The New Yorker Philip Gourevitch, writing in the New York Times, argues that Obama’s decision not to release the photos should be viewed differently from the George W. Bush administration’s initial denials of torture at Abu Ghraib. 

Read full story.

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