Why Are Jews Liberals?

In a new book out this month, columnist Norman Podhoretz addresses the question he says he is asked more frequently than any other:  “Why Are Jews Liberals?”

Bill Clinton – U.S. Democratic Party Icon

Six notable American Jewish thinkers, Rabbi David J. Wolpe, Dr. Jonathan D. Sarna,  Michael Medved, William Kristol, Jeff Jacoby, and David Gelernter, reflect on his argument in a Commentary Magazine Symposium.

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One Response to Why Are Jews Liberals?

  1. martyfink says:

    The Republicans are in the hands of Islamo-Papal Fascists. The Republicans are running the most muslim candidates. Nixon got the Saudis to fund the Black Muslims because he feared the Jews were behind desegregation. The Republican Catholics let the terrorists in when Giuliani had the Albanians harass Serb Easter vigil. They want to canonize their nazi pope. We might be conservative, but we are not going to side with those who want to kill us!

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